Changes to the Bowls Section

There have been some significant changes to the Bowls Section during the closed season. The Bowls Section will no longer be participating in the Berkshire KLX league, and the programme of friendly matches has been cancelled. We expect the green to be available for RBL members to play bowls during the 2016 summer season, but the details are still being worked out.

Second day of the finals

Another great afternoon for the second day of the finals. The event was well supported and the matches were of a high standard. Photos available - click here.

Analysis of results

The final friendly against Farnborough brought the 2015 season to an end, giving us a chance to take stock of our performance.

In 2014 we played 43 matches, winning 24, losing 18 and drawing 1 - 5 were cancelled. This year, we also played 43. We won 24, lost 17 and drew 2. Eight matches were cancelled.

Our home record is strong with 19 wins from 24 matches. Playing away we won 5, lost 12 and drew 2.

Our ladies played 6 matches in both years. In 2014 they won 5 and lost 1. In 2015 they won 4 and lost 2.

This is an amazingly similar result. Click here for the full results.

Final frindly against Farnborough

After a pleasant pre-match luncheon at “The Bird in Hand” in Little Sandhurst” the CRBL bowl’s team
ventured to Farnborough for a pleasant sunny afternoon’s match.

After 10 ends, at which Farnborough were leading 39-35, we took a tea interval consisting of tea and cakes.
Play then resumed to complete the final 11 ends which eventually ended the match at a very friendly draw, 79-79.
We had one winning rink of Skip Bill’s team (same old faces!!) which consisted of Brenda, Peter B and Anne
(23-12). Tom’s team of Marion Geoff and Jod were very close going down 19-22. Skip Graham’s team of Doreen,
John S and Ron were 1 shot down after the 17th end but from then on Farnborough pulled out the stops to win
24-16. Skip Colin’s team of Joyce, Jan and myself were 21-15 down at 19th end but after some excellent bowling
particularly from Colin we ran out a draw 21-21.

It was a very pleasant friendly match and enjoyed by all who participated - a good result for CRBL, well done.
Captain Alan

First day of the finals

We had a splendid afternoon for the first day of the finals. The event was well supported and the matches were of a high standard. Photos available - click here.

Friendly match against Windlesham

It stayed fine for the final evening match of the season at home against Windlesham. Ken's team on rink 2 (with Charlie, Peter Brunnen and Alan) gave everyone a scare by being 1-14 down after 9 ends. However, the team gradually pulled back to win 17-16. Tony' team (with Brian, Dennis and Sheila) had a narrow loss of 14-17. Bill's team (with Joyce, Roger and Mike) played a steady match throughout to win best winning rink with a score of 16-9. The overall score was 47-42 and another win to CRowthorne. We only managed 18 ends before the light failed. The match was followed by a nice supper and time spend with good company.

Friendly match against Crondall

The away match against Crondall started well with a splendid lunch at The Phoenix in Hartley Wintney. Alan and Geoff really entered into the spirit of the event. Despite some of us being ready for a little sleep after lunch, we proceeded to Crondall, arriving a bit late, where Colin Jones, our only other team member was waiting and relieved to see us.

We played four triples in quite variable weather, with waterproofs being donned and discarded throughout the match. The green was wet and played rather heavy compared with our green. The match was very tight, with three of the rinks being within 3 shots at the end. Colin Cripps (with Alan and Jan) won by 14-13, our only winning rink. Jod (with Geoff and Doreen lost 14-16, and Ken (with June and Colin Jones) lost 11-14. Phil (with Sue and Peter Brunnen) lost by 7-18, making the total 46-61.

We had a lovely tea and a pretty ride home through the countryside - another good afternoon.

Friendly match against Camberley

Surprisingly enough, even after the rain deluge of Wednesday morning and part afternoon we did have a
match at Camberley. Although the home side won 71-62 we did manage to win 2 of the 4 triples. Skip Graham and his team
of Peter B and John (the rocket Stephenson) were the winning rink with 20-15. Close second was Skip Tony with
Charlie and Dennis (18-13).  Unfortunately the two remaining triples lost, Mike, Alan and Brenda (9-18) and Tom,
Ron and Marion (15-25). However “apres bowls” was excellent as the Camberley Bowls Club caterers plied us with
New potatoes, Pasty, Gravy and Veg followed by a cheesecake - mmm delish, made the evening worthwhile.

Friendly match against Twyford

After a dismal wet Sunday morning the weather brightened into a pleasant sunny afternoon.
Unfortunately CRBL’s performance did not match that change and we lost on all 3 rinks going
down 46-70. However despite the result it was a pleasure to host Twyford who were a very friendly side.

KLX Division 3 semi-final

We gathered at Maiden Erlegh to play Suttons B in the KLX Division 3 semi-final. The scores fluctuated somehwhat. Tony's team (with Graham and Colin Jones) were 9 shots down after 7 ends, then pulled back to within one shot after 13 ends. They lost 6 shots on the 15th end and were 9 down again. However, they had a speculator last two ends and pulled back to 20-23 at the end. Colin's rink (with Mike Stickland and John Stephenson) had a very tight match throughout and finished with a well-earned draw at 14-14. Bill's team (with Phil and Ken) struggled throughout and lost by 8-17. The overall score was 42-54. Suttons B go through to play the final at Wokingham on 6th September.

Friendly match against Suttons Ladies

I would like to thank all the ladies that played at Suttons. We had a few problems to get over,but all of you accepted everything and just got on and bowled. It was a very tight game - we lost 50 to 51. I hope everyone enjoyed the game as this was our last ladies match of the year I would like to thank all the ladies that took part in the ladies matches ,they were played in good spirit and were very enjoyable.


Friendly match against Fleet Social

A cloudy warm afternoon saw CRBL play a last minute rearranged match venue at Fleet. This was to be a game of two halves.
After 10 ends  the overall score was in favour of Fleet. At 10-39 it was looking like we were going to be on the receiving end of a rout. However our gallant skips of Jan, Ron and Mike rallied their troops and we finally bowled  out losing, in the end, by 9 shots (56-65).
A great effort from Jan’s team of John, Roger and Doreen who at the halfway stage went from 15-2 down to finally losing
by only 6 shots (17-23).
As for Mikes team of Joyce, Peter and Sheila it was nip and tuck for the last 9 ends and they unfortunately went out losing
by only 3 shots  (19-22). Ron’s team of Dennis, Sharon and myself made a remarkable recovery from being 12-2 down after 10 ends, to then going into the final end only 2 shots down and then pulling off a draw (20-20).
Considering the circumstances and atmosphere at the Legion I think we did very well and I thank you all for your support.
A special thanks must go to Captain Lou and Fleet Social for hosting us at very short notice. An enjoyable, apart from the
wasps, afternoon was had by all.

Bourne Shield match

The Bourne Shield match is a special fixture in our calendar and we look forward to it each year. Several members of the team took the opportunity to have lunch on the way at the Shepherd and Flock at Farnham. All gathered in good time at Bourne for the match. We played three triples. Bourne were very hospitable and laid on a nice tea at half time.

Bill triple (with Phil and Ken) won the highest winning rink with a score of 33-2. Graham (with Jan and John Stephenson) were close behind at 28-6. Tom Davitt’s triples (with Marion and Jod) completed the three rink win with a score of 18-15, making a total of 79-23. Crowthorne were presented with the shield and brought it home for another year.

Ladies match against Wokingham

On Tuesday afternoon we had a very enjoyable afternoon playing Wokingham Ladies. The weather was quite kind - it only rained a little.I am pleased to say it was a winner for Crowthorne 67-28.This means we have done the double over them. Well  done to everyone.Our highest winning rink was Sheila,Sue and Linda.We have only one more ladies game to play.The season has gone by so quickly.


Friendly match against Windsor Great Park

Our ladies were keen to redress the balance for their home match against Windsor Great Park, following their earlier defeat at the away match. They put up a very good show. Sheila's rink (with Sharon and Tracy) won by 17-10. Unfortunately the other two rinks lost - Jod (with Linda and Gill) by 12-18 and Jan (with Brenda and Marion) by 8-19. The overall result was 37-47, a much closer result.

KLX Play-off

The top team in each of the Division 3 leagues, i.e. East, West and Central, plus the highest runner-up, now play for the Divisional Trophy.

We play in the semi-final against Suttons B (the winner of East 3 league) on Thursday 20th August at 2pm. The venue has yet to be confirmed, but we expect it to be at Thatcham.

Colin has asked me to gather availability for this match, so please reply to me by email, copied to Colin, if you are available to play.

Should we win the semi-final, we would play in the final at Wokingham on Sunday 6th September, at 9:30am. 

The Division E2 league next year will be:-

Great Hollands B
Bracknell A

Sunningdale B
Maidenhead Thicket A
Maidenhead Town B

Windsor and Eton B

The first two teams have been relegated from Division 1 and the bottom two promoted from Division 3. 

Friendly match against the Invincibles

We had a great afternoon playing bowl against familiar faces in the match against The Invincibles. Graham and Tony had a head-to-head on rink 3 and Graham's rink (with Yvonne, Peter and Gill) won by 27-19 making them the highest winning rink. Tracy (with Joyce, Brenda and Geoff) fought hard against a good side lead by Mike Stickland, but lost by 13-26. Ken (with June, Charlie and Alan) lost to Sheila's rink on the final end, with a score of 20-22. Overall score 60-67 and a win to The Invincibles.

KLX - final match

Our final match in the KLX was against Windsor and Eton C at home. It was a hot aunt afternoon and the green played very fast. Tony's rink (with Graham and Ron) won 29-11, thus securing a win for Crowthorne. Mike's team (with Colin Jones and Ken) struggled and just managed a draw at 15-15. Colin's team (with John Stephenson and Phil) lost by 15-22, but we won overall by 59-48 shots and by 7-3 on points.

We ended the season top of the league with 104 points from 12 matches won out of 14. A great result. Arrangements for the Division 3 cup play off will be announced soon.

KLX - Crowthorne win the league!

Our penultimate match was against Bracknell B at Bracknell. Mike Stickland an Tony Morton's rinks finished first, both with wins. The match on Colin's rink was really tight, and Colin was 1 down after 17 ends. It was left to the skips to fight it out, and Colin came through with 3 shots on the last end, to win 16-14. The overall score was 61-39 to Crowthorne and another 10 points.

This means that we have an unassailable lead and are therefore top of the league. Windsor and Eton B and Maidenhead Town C win fight it out to see who is the runner-up.

We will now be in a play-of for the Division 3 trophy - exciting stuff.

Maidenhead Thicket and Windsor Great Park, who were both promoted to Division 2 last year look as iff they will be demoted back to Division 3 for next season.

Friendly match against Hurst

It was not a promising prospect - dark clouds and intermittent rain. However, we were not deterred and played 5 triples at Hurst. This green, which dates from 1747 and was played on by Charles I is quite a historic venue. It was a very close match, with every rink finishing with a shot difference of between 3 and 5. Crowthorne won on four rinks with an overall score of 84-71 shots. The weather gradually improved and we had a great time, culminating is a super supper. Thanks to Hurst for a lovely evening. Well done to Tom Davitt, with Ron and Joyce for winning the highest rink.

Friendly match against Yateley

It was a hot sunny Sunday afternoon that saw CRBLBS cruise to another home victory against Yateley.

We managed to win on all three rinks. Skip Tony and his team of Doreen, Roger and Gill were  the winning rink (26-9). This was ably backed up by Skip Mike with Sheila myself and Joyce (26-12) and Skip Colin with Tom, Jan and Peter (21-16). There was a lot of friendly banter on the green which made it an enjoyable afternoon.

Well done all concerned.

Friendly match against Suttons

The evening was threatening and quite chilly for July, but the weather improved throughout the evening and we managed the full match in the dry. The green was quite wet, due to rain earlier in the day and played quite heavy. Suttons were very considerate in not having long jacks. We lost on three rinks and won on one, being Joyce, Charlie, Alan and Ken. The overall score was 61-79. Following the match we had a nice supper.

Ladies match against Farley Hill

On Tuesday the 28th July we had a very enjoyable match against Farley Hill Ladies. It did look like rain but it held off. We were pleased to play this match as the away fixture was called off when we got there due to very heavy rain. I am pleased to say this was a win for Crowthorne 52 to 40. Well done to everyone that played. Our winning rink was Sheila,Sue and June.

Friendly match against Fleet

After the dreadful weather on the previous day, and postponement of our KLX match, it was very welcome that the afternoon was warm and sunny for our match against Fleet. Captain Lou mad us feel very welcome and we enjoyed playing four triples at Fleet Social Club. Colin and Ron were skips for the first time, Their teams (Colin with John Stephenson and Brian Berry, Ron with Charlie and Daphne) had very close matches, Colin's losing by 10-16 and Ron by 15-18. Ken's team (with Alan and Brenda) lost 15-20. So, all depended on Tony's team - he managed a great win of 27-13, making the total 67-67 and a draw. The match was followed by a lovely tea. Great afternoon and fair result.

Closure of the green due to adverse weather

Please note:-
1. At the moment the away game v Fleet (on 25th July) is ON. They will inspect tomorrow. If you do not hear from me
by 11.00am on Saturday then assume it is ON. If in doubt ring me on 01344 762125.
2. The match at home on Sunday 26th July v Hurst is OFF.
3. As from 6.00pm tonight (Friday 24th) our green is out of bounds, ie all matches are postponed.
It will be open for play on Monday 27th at 6.00pm. Tony, please note this and make necessary extensions
to our internal competition play by dates, if necessary.
Captain Alan
AC Edwards